• "I will have to say this was by far the best dental experience ever! I went in to get two wisdom teeth pulled and it could not have been any better. I was EXTREMELY scared but the dentist was great throughout the whole appointment. The teeth were pulled with such ease and NO pain. Even afterwards I still had no pain. Never thought this dentist visit could have been this awesome. Definitely recommending this dentist to my family and friends. And going back to get the other two pulled also!!!"
    Jessica S.
  • "Very friendly environment plus very helpful people...always appreciate the way they treat everyone...do visit Optima Dental care next time you need to see a dentist."
    Syed M.
  • "Friendly and efficient."
    Rosalind B.
  • "Dr. Baik is very kind. She explains well very kindly about her treatment in order not that my kids feel scary of it. I asked her my son's bracelet. She explained about it well. In our position, she gives her opinion not for her profit. It's really great place."
    Hyun K.
  • "Dr. Baik is a great dentist! I first met her when I took my younger brother to take care of some cavities and then ended up going to her myself. I also recommended her to my older brother who went in and had two wisdom teeth removed. She was extremely friendly, good and quick! He had to get stitches put in and he literally walked in and out of her office. Extremely satisfied!"
    Eliza K.
  • "Dr. Baik is wonderful! I am terrified of having my teeth worked on and she makes me as comfortable as you can get at the dentist. She is very friendly and explains every option to you. My kids also love her; my 7 year old son had no complaints after having few cavities worked on. The staff is very friendly also."
    Anika F.
  • "Dr. Baik was great! She was so good about explaining my options in a way I could understand. She is very friendly and great at handling my teeth and me as a patient. It was the least painful root canal I've ever had done!"
    Sean C.
  • "I went to Dr. Baik to take care of a root canal. As patients, we don't really ever know exactly what's going on, especially not in our mouth. It can be quite scary but Dr. Baik talks you through it for you to not be intimidated by what's going on. You can tell Dr. Baik loves what she does and is good at it. She and her dental hygienist were really lovely all the way to the end. I left with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a new respect for teeth and its importance in my life."
    Sarang K.
  • "Maharay was my hygienist. She was very informative, transparent and enthusiastic. At the beginning she did a history of dental visits, dental work and hygiene habits. She showed me my x-rays and went over what we were looking at. Maharay is someone who takes pride in her work, she is thorough in doing the cleaning and checks to make sure that the patient is doing okay. Dr. Baik was great--she double-checked for cavities or any other dental issues, asked if I had any questions or concerns, etc."
    Viren M.
  • "She is great with kids!"
  • "Great doctor!"
  • "Great!"
  • "She's always nice and kind!!"
    Hyein L.
  • "Great & Professional."
    Masuma B.
  • "Very quick and painless visit. She really cares for her patients teeth!"